We guarantee our products against faulty materials (zippers and sewing) or workmanship for the entire practical lifetime of our products. We will either repair or replace all products that are shown to be faulty, provided that:

  1. We have been contacted in advance, and have issued a Return Authorization Number for the faulty product;
  2. The product has not been handled negligently or used otherwise than in accordance with its recommended use;
  3. For products purchased from a retailer: Within 60 days of purchase, bring it back to the store from which it was bought with a dated proof of purchase. After the 60-day period, please contact us directly.

Remember, the lifetime of a product doesn’t necessarily mean your lifetime! Wear and tear and a breakdown of fibers happens naturally over time and should come into consideration. An item worn every day for an extensive period of time may reach a natural end—and that’s OK! Other items you might only wear from time to time will still be in great condition decades later.

As part of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we want to ensure that your Lost Horizons garments last. If for some reason you feel your item does not fulfill your expectations, please reach out to us.