Introducing Laundromat’s 2019 Collection

Laundromat’s 2019 Collection of Fair Trade sweaters and wool accessories features lightweight pieces for layering, tailored cuts for a flattering winter silhouette, and fresh designs inspired by global folk art traditions.

2019 Collection

In addition to our signature warm knits, this year we’ve added a number of lighter styles to the Laundromat range. Softer, single-ply sweaters are ideal for layering and on trend with this season’s shift towards knitted outerwear instead of heavy coats. Lighter knits give a beautiful drape that naturally conforms to the body, resulting in the flattering lines and complimentary silhouettes of our new women’s range.

We’ve also been experimenting with our sweater linings, using cotton in the place of fleece in some of our lighter sweaters. Not only is natural cotton more breathable and comfortable against the skin, it also creates a more versatile garment that can be worn across the seasons.

As part of our commitment to slow, durable fashion, we plan to continue experimenting with environmentally friendly materials for future collections—including hemp fleece.

You spoke, we listened

One of our favorite pieces in the 2019 Collection, The Jameson, features a slick quilted polyester lining. This design was inspired by a request from a Laundromat customer who was looking for a more contemporary jacket-style sweater. “We love working with the suggestions that come from our fans,” Laundromat Founder and CEO, Francis Dube, says. “It’s so satisfying to be able to adapt our knitwear to exactly what our long-time customers are looking for.”

Is there something you’d like to see in a future Laundromat collection? Drop us an email—we’d love to hear your suggestions.

New patterns and colorways

The 2019 Collection also showcases innovations in color and pattern. For this range, Director of Design Julie Powell channeled her love of folk art, drawing on themes from Eastern European and Nordic embroidery. Rosemaling (decorative patterns from rural Norway), Polish paper cut-outs (Wycinanki) and Hungarian embroidery are all referenced in the range. “I was inspired by colors and themes that would lift people from the pale greys of winter,” Julie says.

True to our roots, the 2019 Collection uses a simplified Nordic palette of red, off-white, black and charcoal, with pops of color from light blue, butter yellow, oranges and turquoises. Natural tones also feature prominently, showcasing the variations ingrained in pure wool.

Made for a Global Village

Speaking of Laundromat’s 2019 Collection, Francis says: “When I think about the collection, the words ‘Global Village’ jump at me. ‘Global Village’ both in terms of the different influences that color the entire collection, and also in the sense that it takes a community of people to make such a collection possible.

“From our little French-Canadian based office, to the foothills of the Himalayas where our knitwear is made according to the principles laid out by the Fair Trade Federation; passing through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where our designer is located, and off to the whole world to enjoy—we are all part of the same Earthly community.”

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